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The method of intramuscular injections is simpler, intradermal - more economical and, according to some reports, more effective. After clinical recovery, 1-2 anti-relapse courses of immunotherapy and follow-up for 2-3 years are required.

APV is injected intradermally into the thickness of the flexor surfaces of the forearms daily in gradually increasing doses, starting with 0.1 ml, then 0.2 - 0.3 - 0.4 ml, etc. up to 1.0 ml. No more than 0.1 ml is injected into each point of APV at a dilution of 1 billion, microbial bodies in 1 ml according to the optical standard of turbidity, so starting from the 10th injection, APV is injected into 10 points. The duration of one full course of APV treatment is 3 months, the intervals between courses are 1 month. Published data indicate that in some cases APV is more effective than actinolysate.

Antibacterial drugs (antibiotics, sulfonamides) affect not only the accompanying microflora, but also the radiant fungus. Therefore, it is advisable to first determine the sensitivity to these drugs of concomitant microflora and radiant fungi from the focus of actinomycosis. Selected drugs are used according to existing schemes. Clinical indications for the use of antibiotics and sulfonamides are frequent exacerbations, accompanied by abscessing of the focus, especially in new areas; the presence of constantly functioning fistulas with purulent discharge.

  • Stimulant treatment consists mainly of courses of blood transfusions in small, gradually increasing doses: once a week, 50 - 75 - 100 - 125 - 150 - 175 - 200 ml;
  • total for the course, depending on the indications - 4-6 gemstransfusion. Stimulating therapy is carried out with a reduced reactivity of the patient's body.